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Photo by John Cameron

Wild Chervil

Common name: Wild Chervil

Scientific name: Anthriscus sylvestris

  Flower: 1/4” (6 mm) wide
  Plant height: Up to 3’ (1 meter)

Blooming period: May-July

Habitat: Fields, roadsides, weedy places

Description: Very small white flowers in large, umbrella-like clusters (umbels) made up of several (6-15) smaller clusters on spokes; umbels up to 3” (7.d cm) across; 6 petals; green “beak” about 1 mm long. Compound leaves with two rows of opposite leaflets (pinnately compound); leaflets pinnately lobed and blunt, 1/2 -2” (1.5-5 cm) in length. Carrot family. (June 21)

This freely branched biennial or short-lived perennial is a native of Europe and can be occasionally found in New Hampshire, most likely in central New Hampshire.

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