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Photo by John Cameron

Common Milkweed

Common name: Common Milkweed

Scientific name: Asclepias syriaca

    Flower: 1/2" (1.5 cm) wide
    Plant height: 2-6' (60-180 cm)

Blooming period: June-July

Habitat: Fields, meadows, roadsides

Description: Purplish to pink highly fragrant flowers in 2 or more drooping clusters on a tall, downy, stout-stemmed plant; 5 reflexed petals and conspicuous central crown divided into 5 hoods. Each cluster 2-4" (5-7.5 cm) wide. Leaves 4-10" (10-25 cm) long, opposite, broadly oblong, light green on top, downy gray beneath. Leaves and stem show milky sap when injured. Milkweed family. (July 12)

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