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Photo by John Cameron

Pink Lady's Slipper

Common name: Pink Lady's Slipper

Scientific name: Cypripedium acaule

    Flower: 2½" (6.5 cm) long
    Plant height: 6-15" (15-38 cm)

Blooming period: April-June

Habitat: Dry to moist forests near oaks or pines, or on humus mats on rocks

Description: 1-2 flowers with a distinctive pink, inflated pouch-like lip petal with distinctive red veins and center cleft. Also found as pale pink to white. Flower has 3 sepals and 2 spreading upper petals, greenish-brown. Stalk is leafless. 1 pair
basal leaves up to 8" (20 cm) long, ribbed, dark green and shiny on top, hairy underneath. Orchid family. (June 1)

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